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Weekend Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and Welcome to the coming weekend! Still plenty of time left for summer and we've just received a shipment of our Thai Satay Grill, which has been out of stock since March. Better quality than previous versions. We also have new ceramics, and new Zebra Thailand stainless - notably the teak wok turner.

Back in Stock: Thai Satay Grill

Handmade, with angle iron on the four sides, a handle on each end, metal sides, a top grate to put the food, and a lower grate to hold the charcoal. On the front side there is a long "window" below the coals, to allow air flow up. A lower shelf catches the ash.

SEE: Thai Satay Grill

Limited Edition: Teak Handle Wok Turner

Our teak handle wok turner from Zebra-Head was offered a few years ago when we got 6 dozen only. We now have another small quantity.  Uses the same shovel as the original wok turner we've sold for years. Timeless high quality from Zebra Thailand.

SEE: Teak Handle Wok Turner

Handpainted Thai Ceramic Serving Dish

The pictures say it all--a wonderful design with great attention to detail. Use for any purpose, but popular in Thailand as a platter for serving fresh fruit. 7" in diameter, and heavy--not something you think will break with the strike of a heavy spoon.

SEE: Thai Ceramic Serving Dish

Handpainted Thai Ceramic Serving Dish

The 7" size is just perfect for serving a dish to a small group, 5" is perfect for individual.

SEE: Handpainted Thai Ceramic Serving Dish

Handpainted Thai Ceramic Lotus Bowl

Bowl is 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Thick walls and ceramic glaze, quite heavy and more substantial than it may appear.

SEE: Handpainted Thai Ceramic Lotus Bowl

Handpainted Thai Ceramic Soup Spoon

This is a beautiful, traditional Thai soup spoon that's hand painted in the traditional style. Has been out of stock for years.

Very elegant spoon has a flat base, and its the perfect size.

SEE: Handpainted Thai Ceramic Soup Spoon

Handpainted Thai Ceramic Big Boat

Restaurants may put noodles in the front and garnishes in the back, but this can be used to serve all sorts of food. 13" long, 5" wide in center, 1.5" tall.

SEE: Handpainted Thai Ceramic Big Boat

Feature Recipe: Thai Pork Satay

We made pork satay in the true authentic Thai style, which is time-consuming

SEE: Thai Pork Satay

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