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New Arrival Update / ImportFood

Hello again from your Online Thai Supermarket.  Today's update is more exciting than usual because we are pleased to announce the arrival of our long-awaited shipment of Tao ovens and large granite mortar and pestles. We also have a new green chilli sauce from Healthy Boy, Lays Thailand potato chips, Kopiko instant coffee, and more. Thanks for visiting!

NEW: Thai Seafood Chilli Sauce from Healthy Boy

This is a nice spicy sauce made mainly from fresh green Thai chilli peppers, with sour and sweet flavors too. Everything from Healthy Boy is made after extensive product development and manufactured to the highest quality standard.

SEE: Thai Seafood Chilli Sauce from Healthy Boy

 NEW: Lays Thailand 2-in-1 Grilled Prawn and Dipping Sauce

We just got a fresh shipment of Lays Thailand '2 in 1', a brand new flavor also called grilled prawn and seafood sauce.

SEE: Lays Thailand 2-in-1 Grilled Prawn and Dipping Sauce

Back in Stock: Lays Thailand Sweet Basil

Lays Thailand 'Sweet Basil' flavor is back in stock, same as we offered a few years ago and sold out quicky.

SEE: Lays Thailand Sweet Basil

NEW: Kopiko Brown Coffee

Kopiko is an Indonesian coffee company known for the highest quality coffee candy, and now we got a shipment of their new instant coffees.

The 'Brown' version has rich coffee flavor combined with a sweet caramel flavor with a hint of chocolate. So delicious it's addictive.

SEE: Kopiko Brown Coffee

NEW: Kopiko Premium 3 in 1 Instant Coffee

The 'Premium' version has rich coffee flavor combined and it's mildly sweetened with sugar. 

SEE: Kopiko 3 in 1

Back in Stock: Aroy-D Lychee - New Harvest

We just received a new shipment of the freshest canned lychee, harvested June 2019 at ideal maturity using only the best lychee. Aroy-D lychee has been out of stock for about 6 months and is highly sought-after.  More expensive than other brands but definitely the gold standard.

SEE: Aroy-D Lychee

New Shipment: Aroy-D Sweet Chilli Sauce for Spring Rolls

Just the right blend and consistency for your spring rolls - in a huge bottle! This sauce has a fragrant, almost smoky rich sugary chile flavor that goes perfectly with spring rolls. 

SEE: Aroy-D Sweet Chilli Sauce for Spring Rolls

NEW: Fashion Food Instant Noodle Mushroom Flavor

Mushroom vegetarian has rich, gentle flavor. 65 grams per pack, a nice lunch for one person. Each pack has a bowl and a lid. Add boiling water to the noodles, mix in the three different spice packets, place the lid on the bowl and wait 3 minutes. Eat with the fork included.

SEE: Fashion Food Instant Noodle Mushroom Flavor

Coming Soon: Tao Charcoal Burner

We are getting a shipment later this week.  A lot of people have been waiting for several months, as we had run out of stock several months ago.

SEE: Tao Charcoal Burner

Coming Soon: Larger Granite Mortar and Pestles

Also coming later this week are the 7" and 8" which have been out of stock since January.

SEE: Larger Granite Mortar and Pestles

Feature Recipe: Spring Rolls

These spring rolls can be made really quickly, as the filling is so basic and things are put together using eyeball rather than strict measurements. Fun to make and you can develop your own style.

SEE: Fried Spring Rolls

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