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Som Tum Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and Happy Friday.  We have a new green papaya salad recipe to share, along with a few items which are back in stock.  Cock brand tom yum paste just arrived after several months, and we have a small shipment of rice flake to share.  Thanks for your support!

 New Recipe - Thai Papaya Salad

This is our newest Som Tum salad, prepared very easily without the typical clay mortar and pestle.  We prepared one dish with our Mae Pranom Som Tum Sauce with Fermented Fish and one without any sauce.

SEE: New Recipe - Thai Papaya Salad

Som Tum Salad Dressing - Green Label

The "Fermented Fish" version (green label) is smelly, and the taste is "Super Real". Goes so well with shredded green papaya. This is as authentic Thai as it gets, and no doubt a true flavor that your local restaurant will not likely serve.

SEE: Som Tum Salad Dressing - Green Label

Back in Stock - Rice Flake

We had run out of this recently and got only a few cases back in stock.  Rice flake is all natural, made from rice flour, and we sell cases of this to some higher end Thai restaurants. 

We love rice flake and have a few great recipes here on the product page.

SEE: Back in Stock - Rice Flake

Back in Stock - Cock brand Tom Yum Paste

Very popular tom yum paste, Cock brand is very high quality, great taste, and used extensively by restaurants.

Imported from Thailand, lots of creative chefs use it as a base for all sorts of soups.

SEE: Back in Stock - Cock brand Tom Yum Paste

Back in Stock - Thai Salad Dressing from Mae Ploy

This is salad dressing from well-known Mae Ploy brand was their first, and remains most popular in their growing salad dressing line.

Packed in a glass bottle, these flavors blended together give hints of authentic Thai taste.

SEE: Thai Salad Dressing from Mae Ploy

New Crop 2022 Jasmine Rice is Here
Thai Recipe and New Item Update / ImportFood

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