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New Crop Jasmine Rice Update

Hello again ! We just today received a shipment from Thailand of 2019 New Crop jasmine rice, always an exciting time because of the unique character of freshly-harvested fragrant rice. 


Brand new fresh (2019) crop rice just arrived on January 16, the very first arrival. Rice this fresh is slightly wet, with bright, strong jasmine aroma. Within 8 weeks or so, the rice will harden up and lack the really young character, but also be more firm after cooking. If you like jasmine rice, try this unique fresh crop.


Aroy-D Tom Yum Paste

We started offering Aroy-D instead of Por Kwan brand several months ago, and feedback is excellent.  We're selling more Tom Yum Paste than ever, with restaurants ordering this by the case. Highly authentic, makes preparing Tom Yum as easy as ever.

SEE: Aroy-D Tom Yum Paste

One Day Sale: Japanese Santoku

Our partner in Japan makes every knife by hand, step-by-step from forge to final sharpening using master techniques with extremely hard steel.  They have offered us a better price for this week to move a dozen or so knives so please consider this, a great investment for your kitchen,

SEE: Hand Forged Japanese Santoku, Extremely Sharp

Forged From The Elements - Blacksmithing Masters

Steel so hard with an edge that stays so sharp can only be hand crafted, but what's wrong with that? See every step in our new series on knives made by master craftsmen in Japan. 

SEE: Forged From The Elements in Japan

Hand Crafted Japanese Knives - Shaped By Experts

Japanese knives hand shaped by master craftsmen before being sent to off for hours of sharpening.  

SEE: Carbon Steel Japanese Knives, Shaped By Experts

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