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Thai Grocery and New Crop Update / ImportFood

 Hello again from your online Thai supermarket. This is the first time we can offer Thai Pocky, both chocolate and strawberry just arrived. Also new flour from Kruathip and Snow Rice Crackers from Bin Bin.

New Crop 2019 Jasmine Rice is still coming in fresh off the boat, as fragrant and new as ever.  Shark Sriracha makes national news, and more below:

 NEW: Thai Pocky, Chocolate

Pocky made in Thailand is a rare treat.

We have a few cases to offer, just arrived from Thailand. Fresh pack and ready for you to enjoy at a very low price for our newsletter readers. 

SEE: Thai Pocky, Chocolate

NEW: Thai Pocky, Strawberry

We also have Strawberry Pocky just arrived. Check out the great price.  Made in Thailand.

SEE: Thai Pocky, Strawberry

 NEW: Snow Rice Crackers

Bin Bin brand from Thailand's large round crackers made of rice flour  coated with a sweet frosting.

SEE: Bin Bin Snow Rice Crackers

Shark Sriracha Makes National News

National Public Radio (NPR) just did a story about Shark, describing authentic sauce from the Sriracha region is the real thing rather than the overly spicy California version of the same name. We've been selling cases of it the last week -- just wanted to let you know.

SEE: Shark Sriracha


Brand new fresh (2019) crop rice just arrived on January 16, the very first arrival. Rice this fresh is slightly wet, with bright, strong jasmine aroma. Within 8 weeks or so, the rice will harden up and lack the really young character, but also be more firm after cooking. If you like jasmine rice, try this unique fresh crop.


Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
New Crop Jasmine Rice Update

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