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New Thai Recipe - Black Pepper Seafood Soup

Hello again and thanks for stopping by!  At long last, we have a new recipe for you, and so simple to master - yet you probably never imagined cooking such an authentic, healthy Asian soup. 

Every small harvest of fresh black peppercorns we get has been selling out, and today we got a new one. Handpicked, sun dried, and sent to your door within weeks of harvest. 

NEW Recipe: Black Pepper Seafood Soup

Simple seafood soup tastes like what a professional chef prepares for a royal guest, and it's so healthy. Use good quality seafood and be sure to garnish with a healthy dose of fresh black peppercorn. 

SEE: Black Pepper Seafood Soup

NEW Harvest: Fresh Black Peppercorn

Selling out each small batch we get, on May 20 we received a fresh shipment -- the black peppercorn are as good as ever. Just picked and dried within weeks. Freshly packed. We will ship your order right away. 

PERFECT when served with our black pepper seafood soup.

SEE: Black Peppercorn - Fresh Harvest

 Fresh Thai Chilli Peppers

They look pretty good this week, as we always see nice stubby little red/green chiliies this time of year from central California. These have nice green stems and good flavor.  Order the mixed red/green for best quality.

SEE: Fresh Thai Chilli Peppers

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