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June Recipe Update / ImportFood

We continue to develop black pepper recipes and get fresh weekly small shipments. New Knorr Tom Yum Cubes, and a $1 Kiwi knife that lasts for years. Thanks for visiting! 

NEW: Black Pepper Steak Barbecue

Covering a steak in freshly-crushed black pepper, we create here a simple delicious barbecue that highlights the natural great beef flavors.

Black pepper and steak go so well together so use it generously.

SEE: Black Pepper Steak

 Back in Stock: Knorr Tom Yum

We just received a new shipment of these cubes, just a few dozen, and they're as fresh as can be. This is a very tasty bouillion cube for making the popular Thai tom yum soup made by premium quality Knorr brand. 

SEE: Knorr Tom Yum

 Kiwi Knife - $1 Sale

For our newsletter readers only, this stainless razor-sharp knife with a pleasant handle and solid construction.  Considered a 'Throw Away' knife by some restaurants, use for months then  easily replaced.  We are direct importers and pass this deal along because we love the knife and want to share it.

SEE: Kiwi Knife $1 Sale

NEW Harvest: Fresh Black Peppercorn

Selling out each small batch we get, we just received a fresh shipment -- the black peppercorn are as good as ever. Just picked and dried within weeks. Freshly packed. We will ship your order right away.

PERFECT when served with our black pepper seafood soup and barbecue steak recipes.

SEE: Black Peppercorn - Fresh Harvest 

June Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
New Thai Recipe - Black Pepper Seafood Soup

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