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Spectacular Fresh Produce via Express / ImportFood

Spectacular quality received today is ready to ship Express and we're adding one Prik Pao from Mae Pranom at no charge.

Fresh Thai Produce Kit w/Prik Pao 

Send this to a friend for the holidays or enjoy it at home yourself! Spectacular quality received today.

Fresh galangal is gorgeous, thick, white with pink tips. The best fresh galangal we've seen all year.

Chilli peppers are the little ones, good green stems, very fresh and great strong heat level.

Lemongrass is just a few days out of the field, with stellar hardness and overall aroma.

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Kiwi Thailand Knives

Every year we ship lots of Kiwi knives.  Will ship immediately via Priority for delivery by Friday.

Included are one of each:

Wood handle chef's knife, 12"
Wood handle pointed knife, 11"
Wood handle chopping knife 12.5"
Multi Purpose Knife

The stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and strong yet light.

Made in Thailand and stamped with Kiwi Brand Made in Thailand.

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Thai Ovaltine - True to the original British formula

Unaltered like the American Ovaltine which has been changed over the years to add more sugar. Thai Ovaltine has much richer barley malt flavor. It's also loaded with vitamins, and tastes just like you remember.

Some exective chefs use Thai Ovaltine in their dessert recipes, notably pastry chef Sherry Yard of Spago in Beverly Hills.

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Chocolate Rice Krispy Bars w/Thai Ovaltine

Here's a holiday favorite recipe we prepared years ago using Thai ovaltine. Simple and elegant.

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How to Make Thai Sticky Rice

Most people get hooked on authentic Thai sticky rice after eating it for the very first time. The unique chewy consistency, sweet aroma, and delicious flavor make this our best selling rice. Here you can see how easy it is to make yourself, and at we offer the necessities for a reasonable price. 

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New Tom Yum Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe & Update -

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