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Thai Recipe & Update -

Hello again from Your Online Thai Supermarket.  Today we feature perfectly-prepared spicy Thai wings cooked with minimal oil in a carefully-designed stainless pan imported from Zebra Thailand.  Also see our lovely Thai teapot and more.  Thanks for visiting!

Thai Fried Chicken Wings

After hearing from experienced chefs in Las Vegas and Austin Texas about this Thai chicken batter, we know you'll enjoy this recipe. Eat alone or with Thai sweet chile sauce as a dip.

SEE: Thai Fried Chicken Wings

Zebra Thailand Stainless Indian Pan

Used extensively in Thailand by street vendors, you can cook in the pan on your stove top, or also put already cooked food into the pan for keeping and serving. 

Tall, straight sides, this is how we cooked the Thai chicken wings above.

SEE: Zebra Thailand Stainless Indian Pan

Zebra Stainless Teapot w/Filter

Heavy duty Thai teapot built to last, with a sensible design.

Place on your stovetop. The lid tightly sets on top of a filter basket that slips in and holds your tea in place. Can also be used to steep fresh lemongrass, ginger, or whatever you prefer.

Made with 18/8 stainless steel, Zebra spares no expense to make this the best stainless steel teapot available.

SEE: Zebra Stainless Teapot w/Filter

Zebra Stainless Bowl w/Lid

The bowl is 6" wide, and has a 2.5 cup capacity. There are handles on the side of the bowl, and a nice lid on top identical to the Indian Pan above. 100% stainless steel, relatively thick, made of uncompromising quality. It's worth every penny.

The lid has a very well designed handle--turn it over and use it as a sauce dish. See pictures.

This is for general use around the house, in a restaurant, or whatever you may need it for. We took one camping and it worked great on the camp stove.

SEE: Zebra Stainless Bowl w/Lid

Kiwi Thailand 3 Knife Set

You get one of each -- at a great price. These three knives are the most popular we reach for in our kitchen.

Ridiculously inexpensive but also very high quality steel, handle, and design.

All three knives are Made in Thailand by Kiwi, the handles are marine-grade plastic.

SEE: Kiwi Thailand 3 Knife Set

Essential Thai Pantry Set - This Year's Best Seller

Our most popular and essential Thai pantry items in a complete kit at a great price Prepare dozens of authentic Thai recipes. Great Gift.

SEE: Essential Thai Pantry Set

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