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Thai Grocery Update /

Hello again!  We are shipping more rice than ever, and just got several more pallets today. Order the very best Royal Umbrella brand. We also have Maggi Seasoning from Europe, Mama Namtok, Kopiko instant coffees, and more. See it all below:

New - Maggi Seasoning, Germany

This is highly-sought Maggi for the European market, made in Germany. Packed in a most attractive glass bottle with MAGGI letters embossed on front, and a sophisticated cap that ensures just the right small amount comes out.

SEE: Maggi Seasoning, Germany

Mama, Namtok Instant Noodles

The instant noodles have a dark rich smoky broth, and it's not extremely spicy like other Mama noodles. This is namtok flavor. Add thinly sliced pork or beef, along with fresh cilantro, to make a more substantial meal.

SEE: Mama, Namtok Instant Noodles

Kopiko Instant Coffee, Premium 3 in 1 

Kopiko is an Indonesian coffee company known for the highest quality coffee candy, and now we got a shipment of their new instant coffees.

The 'Premium' version has rich coffee flavor combined and it's mildly sweetened with sugar.

SEE: Kopiko Instant Coffee, Premium 3 in 1

Kopiko Instant Coffee, Brown

The 'Brown' version has rich coffee flavor combined with a sweet caramel flavor with a hint of chocolate.

This instant coffee is similar to INNA Thai instant coffee, but with a more bold, true coffee flavor. 

SEE: Kopiko Instant Coffee, Brown

Thai Jasmine Rice - Another Large Shipment

We've shipped more rice than ever, and several more pallets just arrived today.  This is 2020 New Crop, the best possible quality.  Save yourself a trip to the store and stock up with this rice and you won't be disappointed. Same low price.

SEE: Thai Jasmine Rice - Another Large Shipment

Kiwi Knives from Thailand

The stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and strong yet light. The hard plastic handle on smaller knives not only feels great, it seems to be aircraft-grade plastic seamlessly molded to the blade for literally decades of use. On the larger knives, the blades are slightly heavier, with hardwood handles and brass rivets.

Entire Selection: Kiwi Knives from Thailand
Thai Recipe Update /
Thai Recipe Update /

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