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Thai Recipe Update /

Hello again and welcome back!  Today we've got some exciting products to share for Tom Yum Soup lovers.  Tom Yum is a hot and sour piquant soup that's uniquely Thai.  We continue to sell more Thai jasmine rice than ever before, likely people are eagerly stocking up, might as well have the best. 

NEW: Tom Yum Paste Aroy D

This is a brand new product developed by Aroy-D, very authentic flavor but it does require you to add your own fresh galangal, lemongrass and lime leaves to get the exact flavor.

SEE: Tom Yum Paste Aroy-D

Back in Stock: Tom Yum Paste Cock Brand

Just last week we finally got new fresh stock of Cock brand tom yum paste, after barely making it through the last few months then running out a few weeks ago.  Not to worry this is brand new stock and you can order as much as you'd like.  More popular than ever; restaurants buy it by the case.  Easy to make a great Tom Yum Soup.

SEE: Tom Yum Paste Cock Brand

Aroy D Red Cargo Rice

This rice is only harvested once per year, and we just got several cases. Aroy-D has the most consistent, top export grade product.  It's a type of healthy wild rice that restaurants are now using to create a rustic, 'Street Food' style.  Mix about 30% red cargo rice with 70% pure white jasmine rice, and the result looks like it was just hand sorted with some of the grains not totally polished.  Red cargo it has a slightly less fragrant, earthy aroma.  Very good rice and we recommend you have some.

SEE: Red Cargo Rice

Thai Jasmine Rice Royal Umbrella

We continue to sell more rice than ever before, and you can't go wrong with 20 lbs of our very best Royal Umbrella 2020 Crop.  $28.50 for 20 lbs, what a deal. 

SEE: Thai Jasmine Rice Royal Umbrella

Street Vendor Video: Railroad Chef

See a street vendor prepare a basic Tom Yum Soup, step by step.  He makes it look simple. Try these techniques along with our tom yum paste and create a masterpiece.

SEE: Street Vendor Video: Railroad Chef

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Thai Recipe Update /

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