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Thai Handcrafted Knives Arrived

Hello again -- welcome back!  Today we have received a new shipment of knives handmade in Thailand.  Full of character, and much less expensive than our premium Japanese knives.

The cleavers are heavy and make quick work of hacking bones.  Our heavy duty Thai cleavers come in two styles.  These have been sold out for a few months. 

Back in Stock: Handmade Pork Vendor Knife

Designed specifically for pork vendors, and most every pork vendor in Thailand uses this knife. Very sturdy blade, slightly thicker than 1mm. Nice wood handle. Total length is 11", the blade is 6.5". Made in Thailand. 

SEE: Handmade Pork Vendor Knife

Back in Stock: Handmade Walk in The Jungle Knife

A relatively thick and beautifully designed knife with a great name "Mete Dun Pa" which translates as "walk in jungle knife". Ready for action if a wild boar comes your way. The blade is 3/16" thick. Cut, pounded, shaped, sharpened and finished by hand. Total length is 11.5". Comes with a hand-cut and hand-sewn vinyl sheath. Made in Thailand.

SEE: Handmade Walk in the Jungle Knife

Back in Stock: Handmade Thai Machete Cleaver

Handmade, heavy duty cleavers made by the same company in Ayutthaya for over 70 years without any change in design.

This is very rustic and at the same time a work of art.  We call it the "Machete Cleaver" because our mother from Kanchanaburi remarked that this cleaver is known as a tool to cut down trees, sugarcane, and any general work that requires a heavy-duty blade..

SEE: Handmade Thai Machete Cleaver

Back in Stock: Handmade Thai Heavy Cleaver

This is a serious, heavy-duty handmade cleaver in a traditional design, and a great value. Total weight is 22 oz (nearly 1.5 lb) because the high quality steel is really thick, but also well-balanced.

Wood handle is firmly attached with rustic steel pins. Blade is 7.5" long, 3.5" high. 

SEE: Thai Heavy Cleaver

Hand Forged Japan Nakiri

This is the 'Nakiri' style which is used for vegetables and various purposes. The style is called 'black finishing' as you can see the steel is worked a special way to give it a natural black look, above the blade. The black area is less likely to rust and maintains the look for the life of the knife. Much more expensive than the Thai knives but the precision and steel sharpening serve an important purpose in the kitchen,

SEE: Hand Forged Japan Nakiri

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Saturday, 04 July 2020

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