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Thai Namtok Beef Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello Again -- and Welcome Back!  We used Lobo Namtok to prepare a delicious beef salad with fresh shallot and mint leaves. See our new recipe, and much more. 

NEW: Namtok Beef Recipe

Namtok means 'waterfall' in Thai so this is waterfall beef. 

Be sure to use fresh shallots and mint leaf. 

SEE: Namtok Beef Recipe

Feature: Lobo Laab Namtok

Prepare two different recipes: Laab, or Namtok.  

This mix from Lobo is quick and authentic.  

SEE: Lobo Laab Namtok

Thai Jasmine Rice, 2021 Crop, Royal Umbrella

We are somewhat concerned about signals of higher pricing on staple foods and the possibility of shortages, while at the same time we have plenty of this rice available.  Not a bad time to buy a few bags if you enjoy rice.  

SEE: 2021 Crop Thai Jasmine Rice, Royal Umbrella

All Natural Coconut Milk

We have the desirable small box Aroy-D milk back in stock this week, brand new and ready to send you.  Also suggest the small box Aroy-D cream.  Large box milk is in short supply.  Basically we are in a situation right now where coconut milk is so short around the world, especially this pure coconut milk, that the only reason we have any is the fact that we've been in business for 20 years and have a loyal supply line. 

SEE: All Natural Coconut Milk

Tao Oven

One of our best-selling items.  Extremely useful and frankly a real conversation piece.

Found in most Thai homes, the "Tao" is a small and convenient way to cook outdoors, and it doesn't make much mess. Used for generations, this clay oven is now more efficient than ever.

We carefully triple-box every oven to ensire safe arrival.

SEE: Tao Oven

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
April Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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