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Hello again from your Online Thai Supermarket. Around the world mass-produced knives have taken over even in places where highly skilled knife makers formerly dominated local markets with handmade, creative designs that were also relatively inexpensive.

Fortunately in Thailand we can still find a relatively strong community of artisans who make rustic, heavy duty and inexpensive knives entirely by hand using local materials,  Checkout the three knives below, which have been sold out for months until today as we just received a new shipment direct from the people who made them by hand.

We also have Hand Brand Thai pepper powder reintroduced in the classic tin can, a feature recipe for traditional Thai sausage, and more.

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Thai Machete Cleaver

Our most popular handmade Thai knife is back in stock after several months. These handmade, heavy duty cleavers are made by the same company in Ayutthaya for over 70 years without any change in design. 

This is very rustic and at the same time a work of art. The heavy steel blade does not look machined and "precision" in any sense. It's entirely pounded and sharpened by hand, and will give you years of use. Ready to sharpen over and over again. 

See: Thai Machete Cleaver

Pork Vendor Knife

Designed specifically for pork vendors, and most every pork vendor in Thailand uses this knife. Very sturdy blade, slightly thicker than 1mm. Nice wood handle. Total length is 11", the blade is 6.5". Made in Thailand. 

These knives are made in a village in Thailand that has been producing knives by hand for 200 years. Generations in this village grow up making knives, using kilns to heat and cut the steel, hammers to shape it, then the knives are sharpened with a rasp and hand rubbed before putting them up for sale.

See: Pork Vendor Knife

Palm and Coconut Cleaver

Nice and long, this 'humpback' knife has added weight to provide extra power when striking coconuts and toddy palm. 

Blade is about 4mm thick. Total length is 14", the blade is 10".

See: Thai Palm and Coconut Cleaver

Back in Stock: Prik Thai in Classic Can - Hand Brand

An essential ingredient for Thai dishes, many people in Thailand put this on almost everything. 

We are currently shipping brand new stock in the classic tin can which has just been reintroduced. You get 20 grams in the can, which is 3 tablespoons.

Thai peppercorn is a special variety, distince from other white peppercorns found in neighboring countries. This product adds fragrant aroma, and the white pepper is a gentle spice that does not overwhelm the food.

See: Prik Thai and Related Recipes

Feature Recipe: Thai Isan-Style Sausage 'Sai Grok'

Bring this unique, fragrant, Thai-style sausage to your next barbeque party, and rest assured nobody will have the same thing. 

We used high quality ground pork from a local butcher who used pork shoulder, and we recommend that but it's not necessary. 

This is a rich, tasty meal in itself because of the mix of meat and rice.

See: Thai Isan-Style Sausage 'Sai Grok'

Feature: Street Vendor Charcoal Barbecue Sausage

This vendor goes out in the early afternoon with a cart offering various choices of meat, mainly hotdogs of various sizes, and meatballs. 

Hanging from the rack is dried squid, each squid attached with a metal clip (similar to a clothespin). To the right of the squid you can see long strings of meatballs, protected with thin white cheesecloth.

One specialty she offers is the traditional Thai sausage 'sai grok' in recipe above.

See: Thai Charcoal Barbecue Sausage

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