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​Hello Again Friends of, and welcome back.  We really appreciate your support.

Fresh Thai Produce

We continue to ship fresh Thai produce every week. Order now for immediate 2 Day Fedex shipping at great prices. Today's lemongrass arrival has nice fresh green outer stalks and they are relatively thick which is great. Lemongrass supply is tight but we have all you need along with our Produce Kit, including fresh galangal and fresh Thai chillies.

SEE: Fresh Thai Produce

NEW: Hale Blue Boy Cream Soda

"The cream soda syrup is a tasty flavor. It can be used on shaved ice, to make popsicles (add a little cream/milk for a creamy popsicle), or mix the syrup with a lemon/lime soda like 7up or Sprite to mimic the classic Thai Fanta cream soda flavor but a little stronger."

SEE: Hale Blue Boy Cream Soda

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