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July Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update / ImportFood

Hello again and welcome back. We are offering $5 Flat Rate Shipping for three days this week, and we have new products from Smiling Fish of Southern Thailand.

5# Royal Umbrella Rice

Good time to buy premium Royal Umbrella Thai jasmine rice.  With flat rate shipping, and we just got a large shipment.  Get it while it's hot!

See: 5# Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice

NEW: Hand Brand 7 Taste

This is the first time we've offered Hand Brand's Seven Taste Thai Chilli. It's a combination that contains Chili, Spices, Sesame.

SEE: Hand Brand 7 Taste

NEW From Smiling Fish: Tai Pla

This is a new product from Smiling Fish, a premium seafood producer in Southern Thailand. Packed in a modern pouch. Inside each package is a healthy serving of mackerel fish.

SEE: Smiling Fish: Tai Pla

NEW: Smiling Fish Spicy & Sour Curry

This is southern-style "Gaeng Som". Pour contents into a pan, add water, pineapple and/or green papaya, salmon or prawn, and boil until cooked. Serve with jasmine rice,

SEE: Smiling Fish Spicy & Sour Curry

Back in Stock: Golden Boy Fish Sauce

Great price for a large bottle of high quality fish sauce. Golden Boy brand fish sauce has a nice overall flavor and very attractive light golden color. The quality is very good, it's made in a traditional process and is considered a "gourmet" fish sauce. Golden Boy fish sauce is not strong-smelling and it's slightly sweet, a little bitter. 

SEE: Golden Boy Fish Sauce

Back in Stock: Thai Ground Holy Basil

Use this aromatic dried holy basil leaf, which is ground to a fairly fine powder, to add unique flavor to a wide variety of dishes.

It has a wonderful aroma and slightly peppery flavor. Excellent quality basil, grown and packed in Thailand by premier brand Nugan Soon. 

SEE: Thai Ground Holy Basil

Thai Recipe and Best Seller Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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