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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and welcome back.  Today we got a new shipment of very popular and hard-to-get 'Namprik Thai Tai' and we're giving away one new Kom Kom pocket knife with every order.   

Back in Stock: Namprik Thai Tae

This is called 'Namprik Thai Tae' which means Real Thai Namprik. Loaded with flavor: a combination of salty and spicy, from dried shrimp and crushed chilli peppers.

Two days only, order this and get a free Kom Kom pocket knife.

SEE: Namprik Thai Tae

FREE Kom Kom New Pocket Knife / Bottle Opener

A useful, extremely sharp small pocket knife from Kom Kom Thailand. 'Kom' rhymes with 'Foam' and means 'sharp' in Thai, so this Kom Kom means Sharp Sharp. Made by the same company as Kiwi, maker of the finest quality stainless steel knives in Thailand. 

SEE: Kom Kom New Pocket Knife / Bottle Opener

Thai Stick Rice - Fall Supply

As we head into fall, it's a good time to mention that Thai sticky rice often gets very tight in supply around the beginning of November (so does coconut milk) due to seasonal harvest.  This has been a wild year for rice demand so it's unknown what kind of stocks remain.  Just in case, you might want to get a bag now to hold you through to new crop in January.

SEE: Thai Sticky Rice

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