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Thai Crushed Chili, Namprik Thai Tae

Thai Crushed Chili, Namprik Thai Tae
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Straight from Thailand, as fresh as can be and loaded with flavor. You could not ask for a better company than Mae Pranom to make this one. They are so focused on making real, authentic Thai food using the finest ingredients.

The package says in Thai language it's "perfect for traveling with to outside of Thailand". Perhaps no four ingredients represent real Thai flavor as much as these, mixed to perfection by Mae Pranom. This is called "Namprik Thai Tae" which means Real Thai Namprik.

There is a wide rang of uses, simply add it to anything you might be cooking (soup, stir-fry, marinade, dipping sauce, etc).

We love this as shown in picture below: mix a spoonful of Mae Pranom crushed chili with equal parts of fresh-squeezed lime juice and fish sauce. Then spoon this mix over steamed jasmine rice. This nice sauce can also be served as a dipping for grilled meat and sticky rice.

We once ate at a very popular Thai restaurant that seemed to be known entirely for their meat dipping sauce, which was simply this mixed with fish sauce and lime juice.

Give it a try.

Packed in a nice large glass jar, and one jar of this goes a long way.

Ingredients: dried shrimp, dried chilli, vegetable oil, salt. Product of Thailand.


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