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Hello again !  We've got all kinds of news to share, including updated offers on our Thai Knives from Kiwi, Handpainted Thai Ceramics, Free Gift Dishes, and $5 Flat Rate Shipping. 

Free Chicken Dish

Order absolutely anything at today and tomorrow and we'll include a free one of these. Good through November 20.

SEE: Free Chicken Dish

 Handpainted Thai Ceramic Lazy Susan

Beautiful and offers great functionality. At the base there are two pieces of hardwood (beechwood), and one spins on top of the other using a metal mechanism.

SEE: Thai Lazy Susan

Handpainted Thai Plates

Handpainted ceramic dinner plates imported from Thailand. Each piece is painted by hand using a traditional design unique to Thai artisans. You will appreciate the weight of this thick, ultra-high quality plate.

SEE: Handpainted Thai Plates

Kiwi Knives

Our Set of Four knives at $23.50 is a great value and that price has not changed in years. We just move a lot of volume and keep it going. See the set and our entire selection of Kiwi knives.

SEE: Set of Four Kiwi Knives

Kiwi Throwaways

These last for years but restaurants call them Throwaways because the price is so low and they buy them by the dozen.  Both knives are very sharp stainless steel. Attractive handles are marine-grade plastic that feel good in your hand.

SEE: Kiwi Throwaways

Back in Stock: Thai Ketchup

Nothing can match the perfect balance of sweet and hot like this Thai ketchup, in Mae Pranom brand. Typically from Mae Pranom you get the very best taste, using fresh ingredients. Many street vendor chefs in Thailand use Thai Ketchup also, you might be surprised.

SEE: Mae Pranom Thai Ketchup

All Natural Coconut Milk

With $5 Flat Rate Shipping, now is a great time to load up on the highest quality all natural coconut milk.  We have a new shipment of the 33 oz boxes of Aroy-D, do us a favor and buy a case of 12 please :)  

SEE: All Natural Coconut Milk

Amazing Elephant Tom Kha - New Batch
Thai Recipe Update / November 10 2018

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