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Thai Recipe Update /

 Hello again from your online Thai Supermarket.  Today we feature Thai fresh spring rolls, very simple to make with a nice tamarind sauce on top. All Natural coconut milk fresh until March 2021 just arrived, good time to stock up. Checkout new Lays Thailand Salted Egg, and more.

Lays Thailand - Salted Egg

Lays Thailand consistently adds unique flavors to the classic potato chip.

Here's the newest arrival, and most unique -- Salted Egg Flavor.

SEE: Salted Egg

Aroy-D New Arrival All Natural Coconut Milk

You get 12 8.5 oz boxes for $19.89. It has best-by date of March 2021. Great time to stock up on the freshest product.

Pure, all-natural coconut milk can only be made using the very best quality coconut; everything else usually goes into cans with preservatives.

SEE: Aroy-D New Arrival All Natural Coconut Milk

NEW: Royal Umbrella Jasmine Rice 5 Pounder

We just got the smaller, 5# bag of Royal Umbrella 2020 New Crop.

As indicated on the package, Royal Umbrella Jasmine Rice:
100% Pure Thai Jasmine Rice
DNA Tested: Genetic Purity Tested Authentic
World's Best Rice Award 2009
Prime Minister's Best Exporter Award
Prime Minister's Best Thai Brand Award

SEE: Royal Umbrella Jasmine Rice 5 Pounder

​Feature Recipe: Thai Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh rolls are healthy and delicious, and the fruity tamarind sauce adds super flavor character. Thai-style fresh rolls.

SEE: Thai Fresh Spring Rolls

Spring Roll Wrappers - Three Ladies Brand

High quality spring roll wrappers made from a mixture of tapioca flour, water, rice flour and salt. These are rolled out by machine to paper thinness and then dried on bamboo mats in the sun. We offer the most convenient size: a nice 8.75" in diameter which is easy to work with. Our premium Three Ladies Brand wrappers are not too thin and not too thick. 

SEE: Spring Roll Wrappers

Thai Recipe Update /
Thai Recipe Update /

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