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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and welcome back!  New Royal Umbrella 5# jasmine rice, great deals on imported Kiwi and Hand Brand, Lobo Pad Thai, and more... 

NEW: Royal Umbrella 5# Jasmine Rice

For the first time, Royal Umbrella is offering a convenient 5# bag of New Crop Thai jasmine rice, just arrived today. With ziplock seal. New Crop 2019.

SEE: Royal Umbrella 5# Jasmine Rice

20% Off Sale - Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

We sold too much of the non-salmon Tom Kha over the holidays, please help us with this delicious version so we can make another batch. 

SEE: 20% Off Sale - Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

Authentic Recipe: Pad Thai

We've made some improvements over the years, just keep practicing. Making small batches (one dish) at a time is important. Checkout our latest and please share your own at our link:

SEE: Authentic Pad Thai

Lobo Pad Thai

Lobo is a pioneer in the development of ready-to-eat meals made with the finest ingredients and technology. Their instant pad Thai packet includes sauce, crushed peanuts, and instructions. At $2.59 it's quite a deal. Made in Thailand. 

SEE: Lobo Pad Thai

Thai Pocky

We just launched this last week, here it is in case you missed it.

SEE: Thai Pocky

Chopping Knife - Kiwi - On Sale

Our favorite Kiwi knife because it's so useful, not just in the kitchen but as a scraper in the shop, as a painting tool, you name it. We imported several hundred from Kiwi, offering at $4.25 is ridiculously inexpensive for a knife like this.

SEE: Chopping Knife 11"

Hand Brand Dried Thai Lemongrass

Just imported from Thailand's 'Hand Brand'. New package has resealable ziplock. Reg price $3.29 get some for $1.50 this week only. 

SEE: Hand Brand Dried Thai Lemongrass

Fresh Thai Produce Kit

We have really nice fresh galangal this week, and the Thai chillies & lemongrass look good too.  Order anytime today or tomorrow and you'll have this fresh kit delivered by weekend.

SEE: Fresh Thai Produce Kit

February Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Grocery and New Crop Update / ImportFood

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