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Hello again! Today we are pleased to feature a new recipe for Tom Yum, using coconut water rather than chicken stock.  Also see our specials below.  Thanks for visiting.

New Recipe: Shrimp Tom Yum in Coconut Water

This delicious soup uses coconut water (readily available in most stores) as a base rather than plain water or prepared stock.

SEE: Shrimp Tom Yum in Coconut Water

Feature: Hot Pepper Sauce, Labuyo

This fantastic hot sauce comes from the Philippines. Mama Sitas has a 75 year history producing world-class sauces. A bright, powerful, fresh red chile heat that is spicier than Thai sriracha sauce.

SEE: Labuyo Hot Pepper Sauce

Feature: Lobo Khao Soi 

Kao Soi (or khao soi) is typically found in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai are. This is heavy with coconut milk and usually served with fresh egg noodle (ba mee in Thai) but you can use Long Life (below) spaghetti or egg fettuccine noodles with good result.

SEE: Lobo Khao Soi

Feature: Long Life Noodles

These thin yellow noodles (a bit thicker than angel hair pasta) are commonly served throughout Thailand in soups and stir-fry. They absorb flavors well and we notice that kids particularly love them.

SEE: Long Life Noodles

Feature: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

Our recent run was an 'Epic Batch' made with the freshest pure coconut milk and fresh chiles that were at a peak rich flavor. This batch has ideal chile heat.

SEE: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

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