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June Thai Recipe & Flat Rate Shipping Update

Hello again from Your Online Thai Supermarket. Today we feature two Lobo spices which are great with summer barbecue, our popular Mama green curry noodles are back in stock (fresh arrival), Father's Day we have a granite mortar and pestle via 2 Day shipping. Also -- $5 Flat Rate for two days only. Thanks for visiting!  

Feature: Lobo Seafood Chilli Sauce

The seafood chilli sauce mix is mild, it does not have a high chile heat. Easy to prepare. We barbecued cod and prawns then poured Lobo seafood chilli sauce over the top for a very nice meal.

SEE: Lobo Seafood Chilli Sauce

Feature: Lobo Pepper Garlic

This is one of our favorites. Simply add a bit of water for a marinade to use with any meat. Here, we marinaded pork and barbecued it along with sliced potato and carrot which we'd boiled before. 

SEE: Lobo Pepper Garlic Seasoning

New Stock: Mama Green Curry

Mama's brand new instant noodle is green curry flavor, which is very good. It comes with a dry spice packet and a packet of green curry paste.  Brand new stock just arrived from Thailand.

SEE: New Stock Mama Green Curry

Father's Day Special: Granite Mortar and Pestle via 2 Day

This heavy duty kitchen tool is just the right size to pound whatever you need.  The 6" is so popular in stores and won't burden your kitchen with another big gadget. Order by Thursday and we'll send it immediately via Priority for arrival by Father's Day.  A hand carved 10 lb stone to pound whatever you put to the task.

SEE: Granite Mortar and Pestle via 2 Day

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Thursday, 16 July 2020

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