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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Shing Shang fish snack with sesame is back in stock, a nice fresh pack of one of our most popular snacks. Mae Pranom panang is the very best you can get, made of premium ingredients in small batches in Thailand and we have new stock for you.  It's kind of a slow seller compared to red and green; please see our recipe and give it a try.  Healthy Boy sri racha is our personal favorite, and Ayam satay is back in stock in the hot flavor.  Thanks for visiting!

Shing Shang Fish Snack with Sesame, 5.95 oz 

Perfect all alone as a crunchy snack. 

In southern Thailand, villagers call these "shing shang fish" they are about 3-4 inches before boiling and drying shrinks them to 1-2 inches. The fish are then deep fried and seasoned then oven baked for super crispness and crunchiness. These are dry fish, not greasy at all, and very tasty. The fish are known for high calcium and protein. No fish smell just a tasty natural snack.

This is Sesame flavor (most popular). 

SEE: Shing Shang Fish Snack with Sesame, 5.95 oz

Thai Panang Curry Paste - Mae Pranom  

Heat level is 'Medium". Flavor is rich, elegant, and bright. The recipe is tried-and-true, freshest ingredients, so you can make the very best panang.

Ingredients: dried chilli, garlic, onion, lemongrass, galangal, salt, kaffir lime skin, shrimp paste, coriander seed.

No preservatives. No artificial colors. No msg.

Made in Thailand.

SEE: Thai Panang Curry Paste - Mae Pranom

Back in Stock: Satay Sauce, Ayam Brand, 10 oz - Hot

This is Ayam's Hot flavor - just the right amount of spice and heat, the way it should be.

It's very simple to make, all natural, and rich in flavor.

From Malaysia, where satay originated, Ayam Brand has been making this since 1892.

Packaged in a modern can with pull top as shown.

We followed the instructions on the can, with excellent results. Just weave chicken strips onto skewers. Add peppers and onions if you prefer.

SEE: Satay Sauce, Ayam - Hot

Thai Sriracha Sauce, Healthy Boy Kai Brand

Our favorite Sri Racha. Made in the Thailand, this is Healthy Boy's new 'Kai' brand, and has a very nice flavor profile. We love it and so does our son who has an unusually keen sense of taste. Probably the best sri racha on the market. 

This new Sriracha has a nice hot bite, not mild at all, but it's also not too strong. Just the right high heat that still stings a bit, but doesn't overwhelm. 

Thai Sriracha Sauce, Healthy Boy Kai Brand

Pork Leg on Rice, 'Khao Kha Moo'

Khao Kha Moo is not only a favorite of Thailand's former Prime Minister (a celebrity chef), it's also one of those ubiquitous dishes served by street vendors throughout Thailand. 

Not hard to make at home. Our recipe below makes a wonderful khao kha moo but be sure you get the right piece of meat. Ask a butcher for a pork shank, fresh, not cured or smoked. 

SEE: Pork Leg on Rice, 'Khao Kha Moo'

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