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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and Welcome Back! Pure Thai jasmine rice from Aroy-D is the best we've tasted, there's a new Thai cream soda syrup, locally-made fortune cookies, see our elegant authentic Laksa recipe, and more. Thanks for your support!

NEW: Houston Cowboy Cream Soda Syrup

Houston Cowboy and Hale Blue Boy sweet fragrant syrup that can be used on snocones, or more commonly mixed (1 part syrup with 4 parts water).

The glass bottle is very thick with a beautiful embossed, a keepsake.

SEE: Houston Cowboy Cream Soda Syrup

Back in Stock: Fortune Cookies, Made in USA

Fresh batch made this week. Local fortune cookies made in Seattle by Tsue Chong. The cookies we offer are always fresh out of the oven. Tsue Chong does everything in their small factory in the heart of the International District.

SEE: Fortune Cookies, Made in USA

New Recipe: Laksa Soup w/Shrimp Balls

Made with our Laksa Paste from Por Kwan Thailand and our delicious home-made shrimp balls. Served over rice noodles, this is a complete meal full of flavor.

SEE: Laksa Soup w/Shrimp Balls

Laksa Paste, Por Kwan Thailand

Laksa paste is the foundation of the Malaysian (and Singaporean) curry laksa. It's a mild curry with lots of flavor and low chile heat. There are good instructions on the label regarding how to prepare it.

SEE: Laksa Paste, Por Kwan Thailand

Thai Jasmine Rice - Aroy D, 5 Pound Bag

This is New Crop 2021 highest quality export grade, new from Aroy-D, the highest quality with strong natural jasmine fragrance.

We started offering this last month, and feedback is excellent. Very fragrant and delicious.

SEE: Thai Jasmine Rice - Aroy D, 5 Pound Bag

Mae Pranom Sweet Chilli Sauce $1.95 Sale

The most delicious sweet chilli sauce from Thailand. Mae Pranom is the true original brand known to all Thai people and offered in corner stores & sidewalk chefs throughout the country.

Packed in a beautiful glass bottle with attractive label, Mae Pranom is a large producer employing the highest quality standard.

SEE: Mae Pranom Sweet Chilli Sauce $1.95 Sale

Back in Stock: Tai Pla, Smiling Fish

This is a new product from Smiling Fish, a premium seafood producer in Southern Thailand. Packed in a modern pouch with clear instrctions on the back. Inside each package is a healthy serving of mackerel fish.

SEE: Tai Pla, Smiling Fish

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle / Father's Day

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