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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

 Hello again and Welcome back to  We've been busy in the kitchen and now we have two new authentic Thai recipes to share.  Massaman using our highly regarded Mae Pranom curry paste, and we show how to properly cook the wide rice noodles to make Ladna, with help from a touch of MSG for those not opposed to it.  Also please see our handpainted Thai ceramic set, all-natural ginger candy is back in stock, and more. Thank you for visiting our website.  We really appreciate your support.

NEW Recipe: Ladna in Thick Spicy Sauce

This is a new, elegantly spicy version of our original basic Ladna recipe with the added complex flavor of our Shrimp Flavor Crushed Thai Chilli -- this is the best Ladna we've ever tasted.

We prepared this in two steps: first fry wide rice noodles until they're just starting to get crispy. Then a sauce is quickly made and poured over the noodles.

SEE: Ladna in Thick Spicy Sauce

NEW: Shrimp Flavor Crushed Tai Chilli, Namprik Thai Tae

This is the key ingredient that created the Ladna featured above, a recipe that just knocks it out of the park.  We imported this directly from Mae Pranom, a superior product that you won't find anywhere else and it's worth every penny.

A powerful but balanced punch of bright red, all-natural chillis mixed with dried shrimp, sesame, and and salt.

SEE: Shrimp Flavor Crushed Tai Chilli, Namprik Thai Tae

Thai Wide Rice Stick Noodles

Get a pack or two of these and start making Ladna, Kee Mao and other delicious unique Thai noodles dishes.

These are excellent quality noodles that you will enjoy very much. Cock brand made by Aroy-D, known for extremely high quality Thai food products.

SEE: Thai Wide Rice Stick Noodles

 NEW Recipe: Thai Massaman Beef

This is a new version of Massaman beef that takes advantage of the premium quality massaman curry paste now available from Mae Pranom.

Massaman cooked slowly with tender beef is one of our personal favorites, and many people who call us to order mention that they love this recipe.

SEE: Thai Massaman Beef

Thai Massaman Curry Paste - Mae Pranom

Thanks to the superior overall quality of Mae Pranom's massaman curry paste we can create the masterpiece above with the right mix of added ingredients.

Heat level is 'Medium/Mild". The recipe is tried-and-true, freshest ingredients, so you can make the very best masaman at home.

SEE: Thai Massaman Curry Paste - Mae Pranom

NEW: Thai Ceramic Collector Set

For the collector we've put together this thoughtful set at a very attractive price.

Each piece is painted by hand using a traditional design unique to Thai artisans. Flawless, we import only the finest grade. Thick and durable, an everlasting quality. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

SEE: Thai Ceramic Collector Set

Back in Stock: Sina Ginger Candy

This is the large package of our popular Indonesian candy.  Sina Ginger Candy is made using all natural ingredients: a simple formula of ginger, cane sugar, and tapioca starch.

Ginger has long been known for a wide variety of health benefits. Each candy packed in a modern foil packet. You get 24 candies per bag.

Smooth, chewy texture (slightly thicker and heavier than taffy), with excellent spicy taste that lingers after you've eaten it.

SEE: Sina Ginger Candy

Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle

Never a bad time to acquire one of these priceless kitchen tools.  We use our constantly and they have a wide range of use, and it's the 6" version we use.

The 6" offers the same great performance of a heavy pestle and extremely hard stone to pound in, and it's more convenient for smaller kitchens with less counter space.

SEE: Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle

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