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Authentic Thai Recipes at ImportFood

Hello again friends. Today we are featuring several of our newer Thai recipes and hope that you enjoy browsing through & possibly making them at home.  We show the important secrets and show how easy it is to make.  Be sure to follow along with the proper heat, as temperature is very important.

Authentic Tom Yum Recipe

Tom Yum is both hot and sour, and it's one of the main signature dishes that defines Thai flavor. We've perfected this recipe and assure you it tastes great.

Making a stock is really simple and we use chicken here.

SEE: Authentic Tom Yum Recipe

Thai Fried Rice with Prik Pao

Thai Fried Rice is simple and a full meal that can be quickly cooked. Here we show you all the steps. 

Be sure to add Prik Pao which really enhances your fried rice.

SEE: Thai Fried Rice with Prik Pao

Black Pepper Seafood Soup

Very simple seafood soup that you can easily master tastes like what a professional chef prepares for a royal guest. 

Use good quality seafood and be sure to garnish with a healthy dose of fresh black peppercorn.

SEE: Black Pepper Seafood Soup

Street Vendor Feature: Ladna

From our archives, we took these pictures and wrote this story 15 years ago. Time flies! 

Ladna is a recipe that probably rates among the most popular in Thai restaurants worldwide, notably in the United States where it seems everyone loves it. It means in Thai language "pour on the face" (rad is the verb to pour, na means face). In this recipe noodles are first made and set aside, then the gravy is made and poured on top, thus the name.

SEE: Street Vendor Ladna

Wai Wai Tom Yum Sour Soup

Wai Wai is the original Thai instant noodle; a familiar, original taste in Thailand, but not as well known overseas.

This is "Tom Yum Sour Soup" flavor. Popular with people who like this unique taste, it's unlike any other instant noodle. 

Nice and sour and pleasant mild spice heat (not very spicy).

SEE: Wai Wai Tom Yum Sour Soup

September Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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