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Thai Snack Update /

Hello again - we just got a shipment of some rare Thai snacks. Some new, and others have been out of stock for awhile.  Not too much in stock so we are just letting our newsletter readers know first. 

NEW: Lays Thailand - Green Curry Potato Chips

Lays Thailand now offers 'Green Curry' flavor and we've got a fresh batch imported just for you. 

SEE: Green Curry Potato Chips

NEW: Lays Thailand - Miengkam Potato Chips 

These have a slightly sweet, touch of sour, and a distinct peppery herbal flavor designed to taste like the popular Thai Mieng Kham natural snack. Very uniquely Thai and delicous.

SEE: Miengkam Potato Chips

Back in Stock: Salid Thong Combo

Very high quality dried fish snack packed in the most hygienic way. Enjoy as a snack or with all sorts of things including curry, with rice, etc. The Combo has been out of stock for months.

SEE: Salid Thong Combo

Back in Stock: Salid Thong Original

Here is the original flavor. Deep fried fish snack made of the famed freshwater Sepat Siam fish. Prepared in a traditional Thai cooking style for health-conscious people.  

SEE: Salid Thong Original

New Recipe: Peeled Split Mungbean

We've offered this since starting in 1999. Here is Peeled Split Mungbean a healthy treat steamed with sticky rice.

SEE: Peeled Split Mungbean

Fresh Thai Update /
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