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On this Saturday a very famous Vegetarian Festival is in full swing. Also called the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, it's a 9 day long event. We just got from Mae Pranom an outstanding all natural Vegetarian Red curry Paste, simple instructions explained in detail below. 

​NEW: Vegetarian Red Curry

If you're vegetarian or not, this Mae Pranom all natural vegetarian red curry will blow you away with it's elegance and rich, understated flavor.

SEE: Mae Pranom Vegetarian Red Curry

On Sale: Hand Painted Thai Ceramic Spoon

This is a beautiful, traditional Thai soup spoon that's hand painted in the traditional style.Flat base, and its the perfect size. Reg $5.95 each we are offering our newsletter readers for $2.

SEE: Hand Painted Thai Ceramic Spoon

 On Sale: Hand Painted Serving Dish

A wonderful design with great attention to detail. Handpainted in the same traditional style.  Reg $13.95 we are offering our newsletter readers for $6.

SEE: Hand Painted Serving Dish

On Sale: Aroy-D All Natural Coconut Cream

We like cooking with Coconut Cream rather than milk. It's  more expensive and not as commonly available, reasons why your local restaurant may use coconut milk instead. Coconut cream is slightly heavier in fat, with a smoother flavor.  

We're having a huge two day sale on the very best Aroy-D coconut cream. $6 Off a pack of 12.

SEE: Aroy-D Coconut Cream

Hand Forged in Osaka Japan - Santoku Knife

We haven't said much about our hand forged Japanese knives lately but our supplier keeps making them for us and we just got another two dozen. The sharpest knives make clean slices and enhance your kitchen experience but also make the food taste better. 

More about our hand forged Japanese Santoku

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