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Gaeng Som Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and welcome back. Today we just received more Gaeng Som from Mae Pranom. Fresh pack using the finest ingredients.  Gaeng Som is hot and sour soup paste that isn't as commonly found on the restaurant menu but one of our best sellers.

Back in Stock: Thai Gaeng Som Paste, Mae Pranom

Mae Pranom uses the best ingredients, and always produces a product with true authentic Thai taste. It's very popular in Thailand, most people like it.

This "Gaeng Som" is a truly authentic Thai taste. Great with seafood as we prepared it here.

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Roasted Green Peas, Khao Shong Thailand

High quality, big roasted peas from Khao Shong are coated with rice flour to make them extra crunchy and delicious.

Made by Khao Shong which is an old, established food company in Thailand famous for it's instant coffee. We are offering the large can which is 6.5" tall with 3.5" diameter.

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Three Chamber Pot, Zebra Thailand

Suitable for commercial kitchens, restaurants, etc.  The pot is extremely well made by Zebra, with no expense spared to ensure it is built to last for years with constant daily use. Made of stainless steel. Each sealed chamber holds a separate liquid of your choice. The top lip states in Thai "lead free". Nice handles on the side, a domed lid that seats securely, and winged sides so the pot will fit into an opening and sit level,

We imported only a few from Thailand. Expensive but worth it.

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Back in Stock: Kanom Krok Pan

The pan is heavy (about 10 lbs), solid cast-iron. No two are the identical, every pan is hand-poured cast iron. Made entirely by hand in Thailand using an ancient and labor-intensive process called 'Sand Casting'.

See our Kanom Krok pan, recipes and videos.

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Thai Jasmine Rice, Royal Umbrella New Crop

Appreciated for it's deep fragrance and nice texture. 100% pure Thai jasmine rice from Royal Umbrella, in stock in the 10 pound bag. New Crop 2021.

Packed to the highest export grade. Royal Umbrella brand is truly a premium product.

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