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Hello again and welcome back. As we get closer to the Christmas holiday our shop has a few new items in stock.  Here's our latest: 

Extra Large Tamarind Cutting Board

We got a few dozen of the really big 13" size end-grain tamarind boards, which are very heavy.

SEE: Extra Large Tamarind Cutting Board

NEW: Thai Mackerel

Caught in the Gulf of Thailand, a new product we've never had before.  

The low price makes them an affordable healthy meal, simply empty the can into a pan and over medium heat. 

SEE: Thai Mackerel

Back in Stock: Pad Char

One our favorite instant noodles, have you tried Pad Char yet?

Unfortunately they are often out of stock.

These instant noodles from Wai Wai are rich with spice (a blend of natural hot chile & citrusy lime flavors).

SEE: Pad Char

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