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Free Gift of Thanks from

Merry Christmas from our small team at in Boise Idaho.  We have been shipping high quality imported Thai food and cookware since 1999 -- Thanks for all of your support!  Get one Free Gift — SEE DETAILS AT LINK BELOW.  All orders will arrive in time for Christmas.   

 Free Gift of Thanks from ImportFood

We will include one FREE GIFT in every order please click link for details on how to get the Gift.  Please place your order between now and 8:00 PM Monday December 16, and we will randomly choose for you one free gift:

SEE: Free Gift of Thanks

 Granite Mortar and Pestle - One Day Sale

Our most popular item of all time, and a wonderful gift idea for the cooking enthusiast, is on sale for one day only.  Get 20% off the 7" and we ship immediately. Timeless, rustic, solid granite mortar and pestle will last for generations.'

SEE: Granite Mortar and Pestle - One Day Sale

Mama Tom Yum Shrimp

This is the flavor that sells by far the most but it's not our favorite, as we prefer Chan Tom Yum ​but these are great noodles from Thailand. Check it out.

SEE: Mama Tom Yum Shrimp

​Zebra Stainless - Camping Pot

An innovative, useful single-level food carrier made of heavy duty stainless by Zebra Thailand.  We are direct importer, selling this much less than you expect--easily worth more than the $23 we charge.

Called a "Camping Pot", the top cinches tightly down, and the top strap flips back and locks into place to make it a handle for cooking. There is a separate stainless dish that fits inside as well.

SEE: Zebra Stainless Camping Pot

Feature: Crispy Rice Laab Pork

We created this recipe in after a great deal of research and practice, one of our best Thai recipes to date. The crispy seasoned rice mixed with the other ingredients creates a blast of texture and flavor that's truly unique and magnificent.

SEE: Crispy Rice Laab Pork

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