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Rambutan with pineapple, Aroy-D, 20 oz can

Rambutan with pineapple, Aroy-D, 20 oz can
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For generations, Thais have enjoyed the elegant taste of fresh rambutan that has the seed removed, and a chunk of pineapple in the middle. It's just a wonderful combination

Now we have Aroy-D offering this lovely product, where each rambutan has gently had a fresh square of pineapple inserted. A lot of work has gone into each can, and we only have a small quantity available.

You get a nice large 20 oz can, containing approximately 20 large rambutan & pineapple.

We also offer the following canned Thai fruits:
Rambutan (without the pineapple)

Ingredients: water, rambutan, sugar, pineapple, citric acid. Product of Thailand.

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