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Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce for Spring Rolls

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce for Spring Rolls
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Just the right blend and consistency for your spring rolls - in a huge bottle!

This sauce has a fragrant, almost smoky rich sugary chile flavor that goes perfectly with spring rolls and also try it with Panko Shrimp

Everyone loves a good spring roll (see our Thai spring roll recipe), and a great sauce like this is more than the "icing on the cake". It makes your spring rolls the pinnacle of perfection.

Packed in a large glass bottle with distinctive thick neck, you get a very generous amount.

Ingredients: sugar, water, red chilli, turnip, carrot, salt, garlic, acetic acid.

Product of Thailand.


Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts






Fried Spring Rolls

These spring rolls can be made really quickly, as the filling is so basic and things are put together using eyeball rather than strict measurements. Fun to make and you can develop your own style.

We like making several dozen at a time then storing uncooked rolls in the freezer in a ziplock bag.

Thai Fried Spring Rolls, 'Poh Pia Tod'

Fried spring rolls are on the menu at Thai, Chinese, or any Asian-style restaurant, and we think this style using genuine Thai beanthread noodles is the best. This is classic snack food that can also fill you up. Make a large batch if you'd like. After cooking the rolls, set them out in the open air without covering them up, and they'll stay crispy. We also have a recipe for fresh spring rolls

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