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Thai Dipping Sauce From Hell, 'Nam Prik Narok'

Thai Dipping Sauce From Hell, 'Nam Prik Narok'

This recipe is normally made from sun dried chilis. You can chop fresh chilis and spread them on a cookie tray and put them under the broiler until fairly dry. This sauce keeps well, and is popular as "traveler's fare" in Thailand, being used as an accompaniment to various dried meats and sliced vegetables. We now offer an excellent premade Narok chile paste.


For 4 Person(s)


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Method for Thai Dipping Sauce From Hell, 'Nam Prik Narok'

The shallots and garlic are broiled/grilled until the skins blacken, and then peeled and chopped. The dried chilis are also broiled until they just (!) begin to blacken. This is very critical--overdo it and the vapor given off is highly irritating to the nose and eyes! (If nervous, follow the suggestion above about cooking on a cookie sheet, but do it outdoors). Deep fry the fish until crispy, then tease off the flesh, discarding the bones. You need 2 pounds of shredded cooked fish. Combine all the ingredients by mashing and mixing in a Thai mortar and pestle, until consistent paste.

Can be kept in a well stoppered jar, or refrigerated.


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  • Carsten Knudson

    Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Great food from a great country

  • Alec

    Is it supposed to be a pound of dried Thai chili or 1 pound fresh then dried? A pound of dry is enough to fill a large mortar alone


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