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Mungbean Flour, Puhun Tjemara

Mungbean Flour, Puhun Tjemara

Mung bean flour comes from from hulled mung beans (see our whole green mungbean, mungbean noodles, and peeled split mungbean).

This smooth, sweet flour is not commonly found in many recipes, and it's not easy to find which may be the reason for the relatively high price in relation to rice flour and tapioca flour.

Mung bean flour is gluten free, for those with gluten intolerance this is a major advantage. Whether used alone or with other gluten free flours, it can be used to create a variety of doughs to make noodles, pastries, and other foods which would normally require wheat flour.

Our mungbean flour is the very best you can use, and we love using it to prepare Asian desserts. It's from Indonesia and it's in a nice small paper package, with a hint of vanilla flavor added. We use it to make Khanom Buang.

We recommend buying the 5 pack so you have a decent quantity to work with. This product comes bundled a a pack of 5 but we'll ship just 1 if you'd prefer.

Ingredients: mungbean flour, vanilla. Product of Indonesia. We also offer mungbean noodles.



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Khanom Buang

Khanom Buang is a sweet snack found all over Thailand, made by street vendors who have mastered the art. It's history can be traced back 600 years to the Ayuttya Period. We've never found Khanom Buang in an American Thai restaurant. It does take practice, and we've presented a street vendor video below for indispensable guidance. As you watch the video, take note of hand movements. Our recipe is genuine, and tastes fantastic, "just like Thailand" but our recipe includes coconut topping only. As in the video, two others toppings are common: foy tong (sweetened egg yolk dessert) and salty shrimp mixture. We'll add a recipe for foy tong and salty shrimp later.

We made Khanom Buang on a flat electric pancake griddle which worked perfectly. A friend who makes this in Thailand insists on adding Ovaltine to the batter, and we love the malty chocolate flavor, but you can leave this out (or add less) if you prefer a non-chocolate version.

Required Tool: Kra-ja (flat spreader). We recommend using two while preparing this recipe. One for the batter and one for the cream.


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