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April Thai Recipe and Street Vendor Update

​Hello again and welcome back to your Online Thai Supermarket.  We are pleased to bring back the Street Vendor Video Series with a new video demonstrating how to make Thai fried rice using a few basic ingredients but the technique is so important.  We also offer new Tom Yum Cubes, our handmade Thai knives, and flat rate shipping for two days only.  Thanks for visiting!

NEW Thai Street Vendor Video: Crab Fried Rice

After the rice goes in she flips it dozens (?) or hundreds of times, see an expert at work.

SEE: Thai Street Vendor Video: Crab Fried Rice

NEW STOCK: Knorr Tom Yum Cubes

This is a very tasty bouillion cube for making the popular Thai tom yum soup made by premium quality Knorr brand. We just got brand new stock which has expiry date August 2019.

SEE: Knorr Tom Yum Cubes

Highly Recommended: New Mama Phnom Pen Style

This is a brand new flavor from Mama, a gently spiced soup they call Phnom Pen style. It's our favorite flavor! 

Made with nice white rice noodles not the yellow wheat-based noodles typically found in Mama.

SEE: Phnom Pen Style

Back in Stock: Pork Vendor Knife, Handmade

Designed specifically for pork vendors, and most every pork vendor in Thailand uses this knife. Very sturdy blade, slightly thicker than 1mm. Nice wood handle. 

These knives are made in a village in Thailand that has been producing knives by hand for 200 years. Generations in this village grow up making knives, using kilns to heat and cut the steel, hammers to shape it, then the knives are sharpened with a rasp and hand rubbed before putting them up for sale. 

SEE: Pork Vendor Knife

Limited Availability: Thai Heavy Cleaver, Handmade

This is a serious, heavy-duty handmade cleaver in a traditional design, and a great value. Should last forever. Total weight is 22 oz (nearly 1.5 lb) because the high quality steel is really thick, but also well-balanced.  We had to wait several months to get more of these and we don't have a lot in stock so order now if you want a really good heavy cleaver.

SEE: Heavy Cleaver

Amazing Elephant Tom Kha Soup - Modern Pouch

All natural ingredients and made in small batches using a modern cooking method pioneered by ImportFood using Japanese and French equipment.  

Likely one of the best packaged soups in the world.  With flat rate shipping, why not get some more for your pantry?  

It's better than Tom Kha restaurants make, with flavors sealed in and cooked to perfection.  Easy to prepare, just drop a pouch in boiling water.

See: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

Fresh Thai Basil /
Fresh Red Thai Chili Peppers


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Saturday, 04 July 2020

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