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Thai Recipe and Red Curry Update / ImportFood

Hello Friends. Today we have authentic Thai red curry ready-to-eat from Aroy-D, Sweet and Sour from Lobo, Beef Soup served with Hoisin, and more.  

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Thai Red Curry - 14 oz Can - 50% Off

Ready to eat from the can if you simply reheat it, but we really improved the taste (see pictures below). Fry a bit of finely-chopped fresh lemongrass in a pan with onion and vegetable oil, then add some chicken & cook. Then we poured in the red curry soup can, two fresh Thai chilli peppers, and served with fresh Thai basil and jasmine rice. 

SEE: Thai Red Curry - 14 oz Can - 50% Off

Back in Stock: Lobo Sweet and Sour

Modern flavor from famous brand Lobo.  The package contains a recipe for sweet and sour chicken, suggesting you prepare the chicken first with Gogi tempura powder. We prepared this at home and show how it was done.

SEE: Lobo Sweet and Sour

Cock Brand Chantaboon Rice Stick

Used to make a wide variety of Asian noodle dishes, these are excellent quality noodles that you will enjoy and fill you up when served with beef soup as shown below.

SEE: Cock Brand Chantaboon Rice Stick

Beef Flavor Paste - Por Kwan

This paste is very popular with our customers. The flavor is rich, and the soft paste is easy to work with.

A simple way to enjoy an exotic, full-flavored noodle soup.

SEE: Beef Flavor Paste - Por Kwan

Hoisin Sauce - Koon Chun

A great addition to beef noodle soup, and a wide range of other uses.  We love Hoisin Sauce, please checkout our recipes and more.

SEE: Hoisin Sauce - Koon Chun

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
April Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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