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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello and Welcome Back - we've improved our authentic Thai Tom Yum Soup recipe so you can make it perfectly at home, better than the finest restaurant. It's also a perfect time to get the highest quality fresh Thai chilli peppers, check out our all-natural Cock brand fish sauce, and more.

Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum is both hot and sour, and it's one of the main signature dishes that defines Thai flavor. We've perfected this recipe with chicken stock, Mae Pranom prik pao, and updated photos. Please try to make this at home, you will love it.

SEE: Tom Yum Goong

Chilli Paste for Tom Yum - White Can

This all-natural roasted chilli paste is made specifically for Tom Yum using the finest ingredients. The key to making a world-class tom yum soup.

SEE: Chilli Paste for Tom Yum - White Can

Fresh Thai Chilli Peppers

We have a good supply of fresh Thai chilli peppers, with green stems and nice flavor.  Good time to order.

SEE: Fresh Thai Chilli Peppers

Fresh Hawaiian Turmeric

Grown in Hawaii and currently in season. Very fresh and usually shipped to you within a few days of harvest. At this time we are offering really fragrant, delicate turmeric with nice light color, light tips, and deep orange internal color as shown.

Turmeric is revered for it's well-known beneficial health properties, and is a wonderful natural yellow food coloring for not just Thai food--it's widely used around the world.

SEE: Fresh Hawaiian Turmeric

Cock Brand Fish Sauce

Cock brand is made in Thailand by Aroy-D to the highest standards. This is a mild fish sauce and naturally aged.

All Natural. We recommend the 7 oz glass bottle. Store at room temperature in a cabinet away from sunlight.

SEE: Cock Brand Fish Sauce

 Feature Thai Recipe: Ladna

This is a new, elegantly spicy version of our original basic Ladna recipe. with the added complex flavor of our Shrimp Flavor Crushed Thai Chilli -- this is the best Ladna we've ever tasted.

SEE: Feature Thai Recipe: Ladna

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