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August Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Pleased to share the news that more out of stock items are back, straight from Thailand -- as fresh as can be.  Healthy Boy's new "Kai" sriracha, Mae Pranom bird chilli powder, Original Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce for Chicken, 4 Level Food Carrier, and more.  Thanks a lot for all of your support!

Back in Stock: Thai Bird Chile Powder, Mae Pranom

Mae Pranom's highest quality, rich, spicy powder made of real Bird chillis grown in Thailand. Ground into a rough/coarse powder, as shown. This is the easiest way to give any meal an instant kick of true Thai chile heat.

60 grams, or 2.1 oz. Enough to last a long time.

Ingredients: Thai Bird Chilli.

SEE: Thai Bird Chile Powder, Mae Pranom

Back in Stock: Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, Mae Pranom brand

The most delicious sweet chilli sauce from Thailand. Mae Pranom is the true original brand known to all Thai people and offered in corner stores & sidewalk chefs throughout the country. Packed in a distinctive thick glass bottle with beautiful original label design.

Mae Pranom dipping sauce is more robust and has slightly higher chile heat than Mae Ploy brand.

SEE: Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, Mae Pranom brand

Back in Stock: Pineapple Chili Sauce, Mae Pranom Thailand

Mae Pranom introduced this to markets in Thailand a few years ago, and we have been importing it directly from them ever since. 

The flavor is an excellent blend of sweet & tangy with a noticeable burst of chili heat. A wonderful dipping sauce for any grilled, roasted, or fried meats. Not just perfect for dipping spring rolls, this is a great marinade for any style of barbecue.

SEE: Pineapple Chili Sauce, Mae Pranom Thailand

Back in Stock: Thai Sriracha Sauce, Healthy Boy Kai Brand

Back in stock, fresh as can be. Made in the Thailand, this is Healthy Boy's new 'Kai' brand that appears to be a competitor of the popular Sriracha from Huy Fong, and has a much nicer flavor profile. We love it and so does our son who has an unusually keen sense of taste. Probably the best sri racha on the market. You'll love it.

SEE: Thai Sriracha Sauce, Healthy Boy Kai Brand

4 Tier - Back in Stock

Carefully engineered and made of extremely high quality, heavy-duty stainless steel. This useful food carrier has been a timeless classic long before it was mentioned in Saveur's Top 100 etc.  

There are interlocking bowls and a single lid on top, held together tightly with a separate handle/clamp/bracket as shown.

The 4 Tier has been out of stock and we just got a few dozen.

SEE: Stainless steel Thai food carrier - Zebra Thailand

Authentic Recipe: Thai Fried Pork Strips, Moo Kratiem Chup Paeng Tod

This is a marvelous Thai fried pork thanks to the marinade and special flour, and the pork is perfect paired with Thai pineapple chilli sauce. You might be also interested in our recipe for Thai-Style Fried Chicken. Moo = Pork. Kratiem = Garlic. Chup = Dip. Paeng = Flour. Tod = Fried. So this is Garlic Pork Flour-Dipped and Fried. Our Thai batter mix perfectly coats your pork. Our recipe is easy to follow and doesn't take long to make.

SEE: Thai Fried Pork Strips, Moo Kratiem Chup Paeng Tod

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New Arrivals from Thailand / ImportFood

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