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Back in Stock Items / Discontinued Sriraja Panich

Hello and thanks for visiting your Online Thai Supermarket. We just received a new shipment of Mama noodles directly from Thailand, the freshest stock you'll ever get.  Also, our Sriraja Panich is unfortunately being discontinued, so this will be a final call for those who like that brand.

Back in Stock: Mama Green Curry Noodles

Brand new stock just arrived, as fresh as it gets.  Mama's instant noodle is green curry flavor, which is very good. It comes with a dry spice packet and a packet of green curry paste.

SEE: Mama Green Curry Noodles

 Back in Stock: Mama Chan Pho Soup

Here we have a new style of Mama, using premium chantaboon rice stick noodles. Rich in flavor, but not spicy, similar to our very popular chan clear soup. To dress it up, add thinly-sliced raw beef before you pour the boiling water over it, then cover for 3 minutes. Add sliced green onion, a squeeze of fresh lime, fresh cilantro and fresh basil.

SEE: Mama Chan Pho

 Back in Stock: Mama Kua Chap

Kua chap is a unique instant soup, as the noodles are in a circular shape (like macaroni) and the flavor is mild. Lovely aroma and a distinct elegant spice from white pepper.

A very soothing soup alone, and you can dress it up by adding hard-boiled egg, meat, vegetables, etc. Inside each package is kua chap noodles, and three packets as shown below.

SEE: Mama Kua Chap

 Last Call: Sriraja Panich

Sriraja Panich brand is packed in a tall 20 oz glass bottle. Flavor is very rich, spicy, slightly fruity, just right for a sriracha. We know you will love it.  Unfortunately it has not been popular at the wholesale level, so we are not going to be able to get it again for a long time (if ever).

You might like to order from the few dozen cases remaining, which has a "Best By" date of May 12 2018. Of course the sauce will be fine for much longer than that date, as other brands put much longer dates on similar product. 

If you like Sriraja Panich, this might be considered a 'Final Call' to order before we run out.

SEE: Sriraja Panich

 Thanks for visiting!

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Monday, 06 April 2020

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