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Clearance Sale at ImportFood Thai Supermarket

Hello again and welcome to your Online Thai Supermarket.  We're having a big sale on some of our most popular items!  Please have a look below:

Thai Sweet Basil Seed 3.5oz - $2.00 (On Sale, reg $4.85)

A fun summer drink or one with a lot of serious health potential, as new bottled drinks are touting the health benefits of basil seed drinks we are happy to offer the finest quality direct from Thailand.  Made by Hand Brand. 

Basil seeds are used to make basil seed drink. Very unique in appearance, it's a delicious beverage and a centuries-old way for Thai people to lose weight naturally. 

Add the seeds to water and they expand, turning into little jello-like bulbs that slither down your intestines, this is thought to help carry toxins out of your body.

See: Thai Sweet Basil Seed

Thai Whole Dried Chile - $2.00 (On Sale, Reg $3.39)

This style of whole dried chiles is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to adding a powerful chile heat to Thai recipes. These really pack a punch, and we love them. Very high quality, made from prik ki nu variety. Stems have been removed. Add heat to Thai stir fry, fried rice, as well as Thai soups. 

Make your own ground Thai chile pepper with these as well. Get the freshest bold flavor by making a small batch of ground Thai chile pepper at home, using whole dried chiles and a skillet or oven. Many Thai chefs swear by this method (preparing their own, rather than buying ready-made crushed chile powder). See our full description page for photos of this procedure.

3.5 oz pack is a nice large size that will last, a great deal at the low price of $2.00. Product of Thailand.

See: Thai Whole Dried Chile

Solid Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle - $15.95 (On Sale, Reg $22.95)

Made in Thailand of the highest quality 100% hand-carved solid granite, this durable mortar and pestle is an important tool for Thai cooking as well as around the world. We source the raw material from the finest granite quarry. Our charcoal-grey granite is not only the most functional tool in your kitchen but also a striking work of art.

Infuse fresh ground flavors of basil, sage, tarragon, garlic, pepper and much more. The highest quality mortar and pestle you will ever find. What sets it apart from others is the generous capacity, the beautiful appearance, and you can whack it as hard as you can without fear of chip or crack. You'll know when you pick it up that it will last a lifetime--they're very heavy and solid (see detailed measurements here). 

The mortar is carved by hammer & chisel from a single block of grante. Nobody offers the same premium dense (super hard) granite, we are absolutely certain of that. Others sell weaker immitation rock so beware. 

We no longer sell our product at Non-ImportFood (including Chinese made) are peddled there as the ImportFood product, but don't be fooled. Order from us here, get the real thing, and support our family-owned small enterprise. 

Top chefs and culinary authors specifically endorse our granite mortar and pestle: Grant Achatz "Chef's Secret Weapon. It's pure manpower" The Wall Street Journal rated ours "Best Overall" in a nationwide comparison Fine Cooking Magazine's "Favorite" David Rosengarten says "Please don't live without the ImportFood mortar/pestle" Mark Bittman (NY Times) " is a great place to buy a mortar and pestle"

See: Solid Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle

Thai Tamarind Cutting Board - $25.00 (On Sale, Reg $46)

Here is the best cutting board you'll likely find anywhere, and we've got it on sale for a few days only. A solid block of end-grain exotic hardwood from a tamarind tree. Tamarind wood is well-known in Thailand as the very best for cutting boards, used to make all Thai recipes. 

This round slice from the center of a tamarind tree is about 9.5" in diameter (not less than 9") and an impressive 2+" thick. 

What makes this cutting board so special? Typically, cutting boards use flat planks of cross-cut wood, which makes your knife blade go dull quickly. End-grain wood is superior, and end-grain butcher blocks sell for a high price but those are made of little blocks glued together. For generations in Thailand, cooks have always used the wood of solid tamarind tree because it's the perfect material. Indeed, customers have noted from our street vendor photo and our street vendor video series that all chefs are using the same style of cutting board.

The board itself weighs about 8 pounds, a lot heavier than you'd think by looking at the piece of wood, but it's so dense that even 40 grit sandpaper on an industrial belt sander will hardly reduce it, yet gentle on your knife. With end grain wood, especially from the tamarind tree, your knife will stay sharp a lot longer because as it hits the board the grains are straight (like a super-tight brush) rather than sideways.

See: Thai Tamarind Cutting Board

Extra Fine Hot Thai Chili Powder - $1.00 (On Sale, Reg $2.75)

Here's Hand Brand's hottest Thai chile powder, ground up into a very fine powder. Pop the lid and shake a bit out. 

This is the easiest way to give any meal an instant kick of true Thai chile heat. It is extremely hot Thai ground Thai chile, the same as coarse ground above but with a much finer consistency. Recently we found that combining a bit of this powder with salt, kaffir lime leaf powder, and ground up Szechuan peppers makes an interesting citrusy-spicy popcorn salt. 

The nice plastic jar is 4" tall. 20 grams, or .7 oz. Enough to last a long time. 

Ingredients: Dried hot chili. Product of Thailand.

See: Extra Fine Hot Thai Chili Powder

Thai Market Scale - $19.00 (On Sale, Reg $38.00) 

We are having a clearance sale this weekend only, half price. This beautiful scale is built with heavy-duty steel, made to last decades of constant use in a busy market. 

The scale has a slanted dual face (so the weight is shown on both sides) showing a beautiful Thai rooster. The top pan comes off, as shown, and it has a serial number hand stamped into it, matching the scale's serial number. 

Market scales are serious business in Thailand, regulated to ensure confidence. Each scale comes with a certificate personally signed by an officer of the Thai government office of weights and measures. The scale is numbered in three different places, and a government seal is located in serveral places to prevent tampering. 

Each scale also comes with a separate tool to fine-tune. Needless to say, this scale is incredibly accurate. A nice conversation piece and useful tool for your kitchen, garage, or weekend market.

See: Thai Market Scale

It's All In The Pouch. After years of development and investing in America, we are happy to introduce this. Ready-to-eat, premium quality, authentic and delicious Tom Kha soup made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients. Amazing Elephant brand puts everything in the pouch and cooks it to perfection. EVEN IF YOU ARE NEW TO TOM KHA, YOU WILL LOVE THIS SOUP! 

SEE: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha Soup

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