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Fresh Tom Yum Update / ImportFood

Hello again -- quick note to let you know we have excellent quality fresh tom yum ingredients today for immediate shipping.  Order by 5:30 PM EST and we will get it out same day for Friday delivery.

Fresh Tom Yum Kit - With Extra Limes

Order today for delivery Friday. As in most morning markets in Thailand, we have this "Tom Yum Kit" is sold containing a handful of lemongrass, galangal, chiles, lime leaves, and plenty of fresh limes.

SEE: Fresh Tom Yum Kit

 Fresh Limes

Look for limes that have nice thin skin and heavy feel which indicates good juice content. Before slicing the lime, apply pressure with your palm and roll on the countertop to release juices.

SEE: Fresh Limes

Kopiko - Half Price

Kopiko is an Indonesian coffee company known for the highest quality coffee candy, and now we got a shipment of their new instant coffees.

The 'Brown' version has rich coffee flavor combined with a sweet caramel flavor with a hint of chocolate.

SEE: Kopiko - Half Price

Fresh Thai Chili Peppers

We have another shipment today of gorgeous mixed red/green Thai chilli peppers.  Get 'em while they're hot!

SEE: Fresh Thai Chilli Peppers

April Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update

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