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Holiday Update -

​Hello Again!  Today we feature a few popular items that will be nice gifts for the culinary enthusiast.  

Our Kiwi brand pairing knife from Thailand was just named by Saveur Magazine as an "Absolute Best Kitchen Knife"

We are offering $5 Flat Rate Shipping today and tomorrow,  All orders will ship immediately and arrive in time for Christmas.  Merry Christmas !!

Multi-Purpose Knife - Kiwi Thailand

A great blade gets the job done, while not being too long. The entire length of this knife is only 8", easy to carry. Hardwood handle with stainless rivets. 

In December 2017 Saveur Magazine named this as an "Absolute Best Kitchen Knife According To Our Test Kitchen". $4.95.

SEE: Multi Purpose Knife - Kiwi Thailand

Solid Granite Thai Mortar and Pestle

Our solid granite mortar and pestles have been our top seller over the years. We've sold directly to customers like you, and also to large national retail stores. 

The 6" size is by far the most popular at the retail level. It has a generous bowl, good heavy weight, and it's not so large that it becomes a burden to store in your kitchen.  $25.95.

SEE: Granite Mortar Pestle - Most Popular Retail Size

Designer Square Mortar Pestle

The same super-dense, attractive solid dark granite machined to a precise 6" square block. 

The mortar is 2.5" tall and has a 1.5 cup capacity, pestle is 6" long with a nice taper. 

Complements any countertop, with an elegant style. The bottom, sides and top are all perfectly smooth, and the inner bowl is machined smooth as glass.  $34.95.  

SEE: Designer Square Mortar Pestle

Thai Sticky Rice

So famous in Thai restaurants worldwide, sticky rice is soaked then steamed using this spitoon-like pot and basket.  We include instructions with the sticky rice cooking kit, including links to our authentic recipes and videos featuring sticky rice.

See: Thai Sticky Rice

Authentic Thai Cookware

We are direct importers with a complete selection of the highest quality Thai cookware, including all of the tools you'd ever need.

SEE: Thai Cookware Collection

New Year Thai Recipe Update /
December Thai Recipe Update

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