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December Thai Recipe Update

Hello again and welcome back to ImportFood Thai Supermarket. 

Today we have two more interesting hand made knives to show off, and a couple of popular recipes that you might enjoy. 

We recently moved our business to Boise Idaho. Our new location is all setup and we expect to thrive here. We updated a few things in our Company History page for anyone who'd like to know what we've been up to. 

Thanks for visiting!

NEW: Handmade Thai Heavy Cleaver, 13" 

This is the first time we've offered this design, a heavy-duty handmade cleaver made by the same company in Ayutthaya Thailand for over 70 years. 

Total weight is 22 oz (nearly 1.5 lb) because the high quality steel is really thick, but also well-balanced. 

This is rustic and at the same time a work of art. The heavy steel blade looks, and is, entirely pounded and sharpened by hand. 

SEE: Handmade Thai Heavy Cleaver

NEW: Handmade Thai Stainless Cleaver, 13" 

This is another new design, similar to our machete cleaver. It's a nice stainless steel with a thick blade and molded handle with is hand-finished at the end. 

Every blade is hand-stamped in Thai indicating the maker of the knife, and there is a transparent red sticker on the handle that is easily removed if you want to take it off. 

SEE: Handmade Thai Stainless Cleaver

NEW: Large Thai Tamarind Cutting Board 

We have only a few dozen extra large, heavy tamarind cutting boards. We've never had this size, as the farm producing them usually has the much smaller 9.5" size. 

The minimum size is 13" but almost all of them are 13.5", which is much larger than you might think. Every board is at least 2.5" thick and most are closer to 3" thick. 

Weight is about 20 lbs, so this is for serious chefs who are not afraid of a 20 lb block of wood in the kitchen. 

SEE: Large Thai Tamarind Cutting Board

Feature Recipe: Roti 

You may have heard of roti, they are similar to tortillas (flat bread) fried in margarine or clarified butter, flavored with all kinds of different things such as condensed milk, banana, chicken curry, raisins, etc. 

Not a Thai recipe, but roti vendors sell this all over Thailand as well as many Asian countries. 

Checkout Out Our Roti Recipe And See The Street Vendor Video

Feature Recipe: Thai Lemongrass Chicken - Gai Sai Takrai 

This simple recipe brings the full flavor of Thailand to your kitchen. Just make sure you have nice fresh lemongrass, Thai chile peppers, and kaffir lime leaves. Using extra-fine chile powder really helps as well. 

The recipe has a poetic name, as the three words of the name rhyme. Gai = chicken, Sai = added, Takrai = lemongrass. 

SEE: Gai Sai Takrai

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce - Mae Pranom 

The most delicious sweet chilli sauce from Thailand. Mae Pranom is the true original brand known to all Thai people and offered in corner stores & sidewalk chefs throughout the country. 

Mae Pranom dipping sauce is more robust and has just slightly higher chile heat than other brands, but it's still very sweet and tangy. 

We love this sauce and highly recommend it, if perhaps as a gift as well. Packed in a beautiful, thick glass bottle with attractive label, Mae Pranom is a large producer employing the highest quality standard. 

Mae Pranom Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

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