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June Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again - big news today as we just received a large shipment from Aroy-D and went to right to work getting them featured here with new photos and recipe ideas.  We continue to get fresh shipments of whole black peppercorn from small farms too.

Back in Stock: Aroy-D Tom Yum

This tom yum soup is made with an authentic 'Thai Taste', a strong blend of both sour and spicy. It is restaurant quality.

Just received, as fresh as can be.

SEE: Aroy-D Tom Yum 

 Back in Stock: Aroy-D Red Curry Soup

This premade Thai curry, however, is very good if you don't have a lot of time. Heat it over a stovetop, and add chicken, cook and serve with jasmine rice. Spicy, not overwhelming, but this has good chile heat.

SEE: Aroy-D Red Curry Soup

Back in Stock: Aroy-D Massaman Soup

Each can of massaman soup has everything you need to enjoy an authentic Thai meal, including potato.

Add thinly-sliced beef, and to improve the taste we fried a bit of finely-chopped fresh lemongrass in a pan with onion and vegetable oil, then added the sliced beef to cook. Then we added that back into the massaman with a few dozen whole black peppercorn and served with fresh green onion. 

SEE: Aroy-D Massaman Soup

 Back in Stock: Aroy-D Green Curry Soup

The green curry has very nice generous slices of bamboo shoots and sweet basil leaves. Simply pour into a saucepan, and heat to serve. We added sliced chicken and let it simmer for 10 minutes before serving with jasmine rice and Thai basil.

Brand new product just manufactured and received directly from Thailand.

SEE: Aroy-D Green Curry Soup

Back in Stock: Aroy-D Red Curry Paste

Has become our most popular Thai curry paste, and we were out of stock for several weeks. Here's a new batch that just came in yesterday and it's as fresh as ever.

SEE: Aroy-D Red Curry Paste 

 Special Offer - 5 Packs Fresh Black Peppercorn $10

Regular price $4 each now we are offering for this week only 5 packs for $10 so you can give away to friends and family the BEST fresh black peppercorn

SEE: Fresh Black Peppercorn 5 Pack

FRESH - All Natural Coconut Milk

Just received, fresh pack all natural coconut milk with the new screw top.

SEE: Fresh All Natural Coconut Milk

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June Recipe Update / ImportFood

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