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May Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello Again and Happy Friday! Namprik Sawan is back, fresh Hand Brand Thai Pepper Powder, Lao Style Beef Recipe, Sambal Oelek, Bajak, and More! Thanks for visiting.

Namprik Sawan, Thai Chili Paste

Namprik is the original Thai chile paste and it's hard to find in the United States.  We are pleased to offer this premium quality fresh product from Pantainorasingh brand, in a large glass jar.

Sawan means "heaven", and this is a fairly mild chile paste with not overpowering heat. Simply spoon over steamed jasmine rice or use as a dip with fresh vegetables.

SEE: Namprik Sawan, Thai Chili Paste

New Stock: Thai Pepper Powder, Hand Brand

Made by Hand Brand, a third generation Thai spice company that champions this powder as what started it all. Superb aroma, great flavor.

This is a pure, all-natural, finely ground white pepper made at the highest standards from only the very best whole Thai peppercorn. Use generously to add flavor and a unique fragrance.

Thai peppercorn is a special variety, distince from other white peppercorns found in neighboring countries. This product adds fragrant aroma, and the white pepper is a gentle spice that does not overwhelm the food.

SEE: Thai Pepper Powder, Hand Brand

Lao Style Beef Salad, 'Pra Nuea'

Our Lao version here, made with rare lean ground beef, is exceptional because the meat soaks/cooks in lime juice for several hours then finished briefly in a skillet to give it an especially sour flavor. Combined with the shallots, sliced lemongrass, fish sauce and ground chiles, it all comes together so well.

SEE: Lao Style Beef Salad, 'Pra Nuea'

Sambal Bajak, Kokita

Sambal Bajak which is a very hot chile paste, but also sweet.

Kokita offers products of the highest standard.

This sambal bajak is 'Hot' version by Kokita, not 'Mild'.

SEE: Sambal Bajak, Kokita

Back in Stock: Sambal Oelek, Kokita

Sambal oelek can be used to heat up anything you desire, such as soups or spring rolls, pizza, whatever you like to heat up. This is made with pure red chile peppers which are hot very but also have a hint of fresh sweet flavor.

SEE: Sambal Oelek, Kokita

Korean Barbecue Sauce, Lee Kum Kee

Here is a barbeque marinade/sauce with fantastic, uniquely Asian flavor. You really must give it a try!

The taste is a combination of smoky, Asian spice, sesame and sweet. Hard to put in words just how delicious this is. Reminds us of something served in Chinese restaurants, a bit like General Tso's chicken.

Barbeque with it or use as a dipping condiment for cooked meats.

SEE: Korean Barbecue Sauce, Lee Kum Kee

NEW: Thai Lays Potato Chips, Charcoal Grilled Chicken and Somtum

Here's a new flavor we just got from Lays Thailand - Charcoal Grilled Chicken and Somtum.

Flavor is well balanced, a bit of barbecue mixed with papaya salad. Definitely unique, a snack with subtle Thai flavors.

SEE: Thai Lays Potato Chips, Charcoal Grilled Chicken and Somtum

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