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November 2018 Thai Recipe Update

Hello and Welcome Back!  This month we feature recipes that use three popular Healthy Boy soy sauces that just arrived from Thailand.  Also see special $1 deal on Hand Brand Thai Chilli powder in the convenient shaker bottle, new Chaokoh coconut milk drink, and more. Thanks for visiting our newsletter and please come again next update.

​Feature Recipe: Khao Mun Gai

High end Thai street food that demonstrates the bold flavors of yellow bean sauce and sweet soy sauce, two of our freshest arrivals.

SEE: Khao Mun Gai

Thai Street Vendor Video: Radna

One of our first videos filmed in Bangkok years ago. This version is  heavier to sauce, with less noodles. We encourage you to try this at home and discover the way you like it.

SEE: Thai Street Vendor Video: Radna

NEW: Healthy Boy Dark Sweet

Just arrived from Thailand, as fresh as can be. According to Healthy Boy, this sauce gives your dish good color and sweet taste, adds a fragrant aroma. 

Learn more and how to use it - 

SEE: Thai Dark Sweet Soy Sauce

NEW Stock: Thai Yellow Bean Sauce

Yellow bean sauce is used for particular Thai dishes, including khao man gai, pla jian, and gai pad kee mao. 

Just arrived last week, get a fresh bottle and start cooking.

SEE: Yellow Bean Sauce

New Stock: Dark Thick Soy 

Brand new stock from Healthy Boy just arrived.  We had been out of the Orange Label for a long time.  The most prominent characteristics are dark color and the taste of palm sugar molasses which is only slightly sweet. 

Restaurant favorite. In fact one restaurant will buy all we can offer right now but we'd rather see it going out to our regular customers. Plastic bottle. Squeeze some on when you're making fried rice.

SEE: Dark Thick Soy

​On Sale $1: Hand Brand Chili Powder

Hand Brand's hottest Thai chile powder, ground up into a very fine powder. Pop the lid and shake a bit out. This is the easiest way to give any meal an instant kick of true Thai chile heat. 

$1 each for our newsletter readers

SEE: Hand Brand Thai Chili Powder

BEST: Santoku Made by Hand - Japan

We only have a few dozen of these and won't get more before the holidays.  Usually it's three months before we can get them, as the process to make is entirely by hand from forging the steel to final finish work. A great knife for any kitchen.

We personally went to Japan and met with the craftsmen who make every knife, and this is stamped with our own Stingray Tip marking. One of a kind, and very high quality. 

SEE: Hand Crafted Santoku - Japan

 NEW: Coconut Milk Drink, Chaokoh

We are the first to offer this brand new Chaokoh product. Fresh-tasting, delicious coconut milk drink that has more fat and calories than the popular coconut water drinks. Drink it straight, with coffee, or any other way you may enjoy dairy milk. 

SEE: Coconut Milk Drink, Chaokoh

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