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Thai Recipe and Wok Update /

 Hello again and thanks for visiting. Today our original Thai Street Vendor Wok is back in stock, the one with a uniquely angled main handle and side 'Helper Handle'.  Fresh Galangal looks great this week, our Tao oven and grill combination is featured, along with Royal Umbrella brown jasmine rice and more.  Please see our best new items below. 

Brown Thai Jasmine Rice - Royal Umbrella

A healthy alternative to white jasmine rice, with the same wonderful aroma. Has had the final stage of polishing, so it still contains the outer layer of rice bran.

Our top quality Royal Umbrella brand is in a new sealed airtight package. A great deal for pure brown jasmine rice.

SEE: Royal Umbrella Brown Jasmine Rice

NEW: Higher Quality Thai Satay Grill

In our newest shipment from Thailand we received a larger Thai Satay Grill made of higher quality materials, a commercial grade unit built to last. We have fewer than anticipated so you might want to order now before they're gone.

Handmade, with angle iron on the four sides, a handle on each end, metal sides, a top grate to put the food, and a lower grate to hold the charcoal. On the front side there is a long "window" below the coals, to allow air flow up. A lower shelf catches the ash. 

SEE: Thai Satay Grill

Fresh Galangal

Today our fresh galangal looks great, with thick light stalks and bright aroma. Recommended time to order some, it keeps well in a ziplock in your freezer. Grown in Hawaii.

SEE: Fresh Galangal

Back in Stock! Original Thai Street Vendor Wok

We sold out of this wok months ago, it's finally back.  The steel is 16 guage (1/16" thick), fairly light, which is just right for constant use because it get's hot easy and it's not too heavy to handle all day. 

The beechwood hand sets at a nice upward angle perfect for outdoor cooking. Side 'Helper Handle' opposite the main handle. 

SEE: Thai Street Vendor Wok

 Tao Oven and Grill

We now have a newly-designed grill for the Tao charcoal burner. Imported from Thailand, comes in a plastic bag with the bold Eagle On Globe logo, the size is perfect (covers the top of your Tao just right). The grill opens up and locks shut, 1" thick middle section, so you can flip your meat by simply turning the grill over.

SEE: Tao and Grill

Hand Crafted in Sakai Japan - Santoku Knife - Magnolia Handle

This knife is made entirely by hand at a master craftsman's shop in Sakai, the area best known for making the finest knives of Japan. The carbon steel (white steel / hardness grade 2 / made in Japan) is extremely hard and will keep it's sharp edge for months.

A great deal of attention goes into the handle and how it's attached to the blade (that's a buffalo horn ring holding the handle to the blade), and a precise final alignment.

SEE: Santoku Knife - Magnolia Handle

​Zebra Stainless Camping Pot

An innovative, useful single-level food carrier that's a lot like the timeless classic stacked food carrier we've sold for years. Made in Thailand by Zebra.

The top cinches tightly down using the hasp as shown, and the top strap flips back and locks into place to make it a handle for cooking. Inside the pot is a second pan.

SEE: Zebra Stainless Camping Pot

Zebra Stainless Loop Handle Pot

The Loop Handle Pot is a great way to carry food for not just camping but picnics, potlucks, etc. You get a tough stainless steel bucket, and a smaller internal dish that fits into the top of the pot. Handle locks everything together. The super strong lid is flat on top, you turn it upside down and it becomes a separate dish. 

SEE: Loop Handle Pot

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