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November Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and thank you all for visiting. We hope you might want to think about making something good at home so we've been working hard to bring all week to give you this update. Steamed ribs, new pantry sets, and more. 

NEW: Steamed Black Bean Garlic Ribs

We prepared this using one of our top sellng sauces from Lee Kum Kee: Black Bean Garlic Sauce. Looks and tastes like it was prepared in a top restaurant.

SEE: Steamed Black Bean Garlic Ribs

Black Bean Garlic Sauce

This sauce has been in very short supply until recently we got more in stock, and used it to make the ribs recipe.  Get it while it's hot!

SEE Black Bean Garlic Sauce

NEW: Essential Thai Pantry Set

An extensive collection of our most popular essential Thai pantry items in a kit at a great price Prepare dozens of authentic Thai recipes. Carefully put together, a great gift set or to replenish your own supplies.

SEE: Essential Thai Pantry Set

NEW: Set of Four Thai Sauces

This is basically our cost for a set of four extremely high quality, freshly-packed and shipped Thai sauces.  Highly recommended.

SEE: Set of Four Thai Sauces

Back in Stock: Shiitake Mushrooms

A nice generous pack of top quality dried shiitake mushrooms. In coming days we will feature new recipes using Shiitake. These are nice and freshly packed, high quality.

 SEE: Shiitake Mushrooms

Thai Green Curry Paste - Mae Pranom

After extensive planning to find a premium Thai curry paste better than former favorite Hand Brand, we've imported to America for the first time Mae Pranom all natural green curry paste and we love it.  Already we've had some great feedback as well, since launching this in September.  Check it out if you haven't already.

SEE:Thai Green Curry Paste - Mae Pranom

NEW: Thai Green Chicken Curry

We made this using our new premium quality, all-natural green curry paste from Mae Pranom. It turned out perfect, perhaps better than you might expect you could do in your own kitchen. Using the best coconut milk, high quality organic chicken, our elegant palm sugar this is better than what we've enjoyed in retaurants. It's all in the ingredients,

SEE: Thai Green Curry Chicken

NEW: Cock Brand Fish Sauce from Aroy-D

Very high quality naturally-fermented fish sauce by premium company Aroy-D, light flavor rather than bold, and beautiful amber color.

SEE: Cock Brand Fish Sauce from Aroy-D

Back in Stock: Hand Brand Pepper Classic Can

The classic tall tin can straight from Bangkok with the best pepper powder.  Use generously to add flavor and a unique fragrance. This is a pure, all-natural, finely ground white pepper made at the highest standards from only the very best whole Thai peppercorn.

SEE: Hand Brand Pepper Powder Can

Fresh Thai Produce Special / ImportFood
New Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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